This series utilizes material from women’s magazines published in the 60’s and 70’s, primarily "Woman's Realm Magazine". By using vintage material from an era that marks the birth of the feminist movement’s second wave and feminist art practices like collage, this series examines how far we have come in enforcing our rightful claim to express our personal identities. Combining new digital techniques with traditional hand-constructed photo collage to create cross-media artworks, the series will breathe new life into an aesthetic tradition of feminist art practice. By appropriating vintage advertising that is geared toward women, these artworks will explore the idea that female identity itself could be seen and felt as collage. In essence, collage extracts, deconstructs and reinvents. Understanding identity as collage explores the idea that women, beneath the paternalism of capitalist culture often experience their own identities as unstable, under threat and in constant need of forced reinvention. In a world where women are again experiencing an alarming threat to their rights, particularly body rights, this series promotes the reclamation of the female body from the public sphere by subverting the language of advertising that takes hold of the body, and as Foucault wrote ‘marks it, trains it, and forces it to perform’. This series is ongoing, please check back for periodic additions.